Her OutSpoken Lips: A Collection of Poems Through the Eyes of a Woman Pushed to the Edge - Monroe Ariel

I want to Thank All the People Who Signed up for the Very First Giveaway of Her OutSpoken Lips Part I. I URGE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DID NOT WIN THE FIRST TIME TO PLEASE SIGN UP AGAIN. Her OutSpoken Lips Part I and Part II are both in Giveaways Right Now. They End in Two Days, So I Need People to Sign Up Quickly!! The Giveaway Ends On November 16, 2014. Hurry My Great People!!!


Guys I want to Say Thank You for the Reception that I have Received, but I Have Only Scratched the Surface. Nothing Can Stop Me and there is More Coming!! More Stories Will Be Told and More People Will Be Shocked by Her OutSpoken Lips!!


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